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Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey agrees to join Juventus in 5-year deal worth £36m

By | January 10, 2019


Arsenal forward, Aaron Ramsey has agreed a five-year deal with Juventus worth £36m and will join the Italian champions on a free transfer at the end of the season.

The midfielder has been discussing a move for weeks and will leave Arsenal after 10 years at the club. It had been clear the Wales international would move in the summer and Juventus had been the frontrunners to secure the 28-year-old’s signature.

Ramsey will be paid around £140,000 a week (£7.2m a season), making him Juventus’s second-highest earner behind Cristiano Ronaldo but ahead Paulo Dybala and Douglas Costa.

Juventus, who have won the past seven Serie A titles, signed Ronaldo for €100m last summer and are nine points clear of Napoli in second place after 19 games. They have reached two of the last four Champions League finals, albeit losing both, to Barcelona in 2015 and Real Madrid two years later.

They are in the last 16 of this season’s competition, where they face Atlético Madrid. The Juventus manager, Max Allegri, and the director Fabio Paratici are huge admirers of Ramsey, who is likely to be given a place in the Juventus starting XI, most likely playing with Miralem Pjanic and Blaise Matuidi in a three-man midfield. He is likely to replace one of Emre Can, Ro

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