NEWS: Did TFame Just Use Yung6ix To Wipe His A**?!; Calls Him A Mugu Boy!

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With the Hushpuppi saga still gaining momentum, there seems to be a brewing feud between Nigerian rapper, Onome Onokohwomo better known as Yung6ix, and his former promoter, TFame.

In a series of head to head confrontation via Instagram, TFame, claimed to have kept his silence but its about time he speaks up. Adding that the rapper (Yung6ix) is broke and has nothing, shared that he had spent a lot of money on the rapper but there were no fruitful results.

Download NEWS: Did TFame Just Use Yung6ix To Wipe His A**?!; Calls Him A Mugu Boy! Capture mp3 mp4 GurusFiles.Com.Ng

Yung6ix later responded to Tfame via his Instagram handle, but first called out Instablog saying he does not remember having an interview with them. According to Yung6ix, Tfame was once a brother to him but seems the friendship has been torn apart.

In his words; Ps dear Instablog and I understand this is ur hustle I don’t recall doing any interview last week at scoop media the picture used here was taken at Planet Tv during a gaming session last month. I understand people do anything for traffic but don’t forget this is someone else’s day and night hustle and don’t forget you create an impression about others while you are looking for traffic don’t try to grow by bringing others down. Real ones never brag about wealth but yes we share a few accomplishments to motivate those following our footsteps as the role models God has made us to be. As for Tfame he was once a brother at least I saw him as one until today I wish you well I’m sorry for judging you by calling you fake but u self fuck up big time. You never sponsored me at anytime. As friends we did a lot for each other which is what friends do. I bought my Range Rover from @mayfaiiirrr and my Benz from Daye Autos after my “Return Of The Kings” concert last December . Also @jaesoften introduced me to @prince_nefe when I went to perform at his Bachelors eve 2014 and we birthed KKTBM in a partnership to grow brands and establish some of Africa’s finest talents to the world. I forgive you Tfame for all you have done and I hope God forgives you too. No man is holy no man is righteous. May the real ones live long. Still Shutting Down Dubai tonight.

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