See The Kind of Woman Flavour Wants As Wife


Flavour is as yet hunting down a God-Fearing lady and we think about whether this is likewise one reason he rejects the possibility of marriage.

In another meeting with Punch, the vocalist who has two little girls with two previous lovely ladies, uncovered what he is hunting down in a lady, quietly driving home the point that the moms of his girls did not meet that criteria.

Review that Flavor was still in an association with Orange Drugs glamorous lady, Sandra Okagbue, when he met previous MBGN Anna Ebiere Banner.

The vocalist respected a girl with Sandra in October 2014, and the next year, Anna brought forth their little girl. For a long time, she and Sandra battled about the vocalist’s heart, until the point that Anna stepped back in 2016.

Presently, Flavor has uncovered what he needs in a lady, and we consider to what extent before he finds that lady!

See the portion of his meeting with Punch:

On being seen as a sex image, he stated:

It feels awesome and it is an inspiration for me to continue buckling down on my music and
furthermore my body. I visit the exercise center three times in seven days even with my bustling calendar. Despite the fact that it is difficult, it is the thing that I need to do.

On his association with his babymamas and girls, he stated:

I have an awesome association with my youngsters and I cherish them to such an extent. I am likewise on great terms with their moms and all is well.”

On the sort of lady he is searching for, he stated:

I adore a lady who is not fake; she must be normal constantly. She must be somebody who knows the contrast amongst Flavor and Chinedu. To top it all, she should be God-dreading.

On the downside of fame, he stated:

Fame has denied me of a great deal of things yet I trust that, in life, there is no pick up without torment. Conventionally, I want to have a basic existence however that is impractical any longer. As individuals, there could likewise be times that I’m managing some individual issues however individuals wouldn’t have any desire to know.

They would anticipate that you will be grinning constantly; and on the off chance that you don’t, they would blame you for being pleased and affected. In any case, the wonderful thing is that I am experiencing my fantasy.


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