“Don’t Blame Anybody For Your Failures” – Wizkid Replies Davido On Twitter


Wizkid Responds:

U can’t hate on someone doing better
than u in what u failed at! Learn and
appreciate! Free ur mind from hate
young kids

Indeed, it would seem that… no, it’s
evident that Daddy Yo has answered
OBO’s unobtrusive shade and we’re
more than on edge to look as the show
unfurls. Taking after OBO’s rage on Snapchat, Wizzy took to his Twitter page to state that the “children” of today shouldn’t point the finger at anybody for their disappointments yet they ought to rather buckle down.

And remember kids! Drink more water!!

U can’t loathe on somebody showing
improvement over u in what u fizzled at!
Learn and appreciate! Free ur personality
from detest youthful children The diversion is just for the genuine! Make
up for lost time or remain neighborhood!
Try not to point the finger at anyone for ur disappointments! Supplicate and buckle down children!


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